Super Akademik

The construction of the most modern residence hall in Poland is a novel project on the developer market. This investment was implemented in a perfect location in the exact centre of Łódź – near Manhattan and representative Piotrkowska Street. Convenient access to the university and direct access to attractions offered by academic Łódź make this place an ideal space for a study-life balance. In five floors of this residence hall there are 267 rooms – in order to guarantee students’ comfort each of them has its own bathroom and a kitchen annex.

The architects designed cosy rooms both in a basic standard with a single bed and in studio rooms with a separated bedroom and living space. A generally available solution in the entire building is a stable wi-fi network with rapid data transfer. One of the assets of the residence hall includes a reliable safety level – it is monitored with a modern video camera system and there is a closed parking area within the premises. The key assumptions for this investment determine the specification of this place: modern, safe and comfortable.