It is an absolutely exceptional place for those who look for unique details both in a carefully arranged space and in finishing. This residential estate consists of 6 twin houses located directly near a green area with a pond and a natural spring which makes it a comfortable haven for 12 families. These houses are built from top quality materials and the aesthetic and non-pushy architecture harmoniously complements the surroundings.

Sycylijska houses are located 8 km from Łódź Plac Wolności – the heart of the city. They are situated at the crossing of Sycylijska and Włoska street, at the western end of Łódź. The buildings are erected on plots covering from 380 m2 to 665 m2. The assumed implementation was to create 3 various residential areas, 99 m2, 104 m2 and 118 m2, respectively. Each variant includes a garage and an approach for another car. Anti-burglary doors, floor heating, alarm installation and fireplaces are only some of conveniences for real estate acquirers. The thermal permeability parameters of window and door joinery, roof and external walls exceed requirements which will be binding in 2021.